Saturday, October 2, 2010

Contemporary Western Culture : Mysticism :: Victorianism : Sex

Interesting video on the taboo against discussing mystical experiences. Of course, I suppose from the other side, this might just be defined as a taboo against madness?

I can agree with the thesis enunciated in the video, that there is a taboo against mystical experience, with one modification: the West has a taboo against speaking about mysticism--not against having mystical experience.

I didn't know of Rupert Sheldrake before tonight, but I'm enjoying the selection of videos available on YouTube. My kind of thinker.

"[Pip] saw God's foot upon the treadle of the loom, and spoke it; and therefore his shipmates called him mad."


  1. I see you took your last post down(?) It came through my RSS but then evaporated. It did sound like a Levinas essay, and an idea he would likely deplore. Others must show their face because, they, the same old politicians, do not want to Face something Other. Boo.

    I had a dissertation chapter dedicated to trolls to expose the counter-argument to my own optimism. I had no answer to the question why, other than resistance. Many people, when faced with life, with choices, with indeterminacy, just want out, so to speak. My guess it is largely a transitional thing. I doubt there's too many 40 year old trolls driving the Encyclopedia Dramatica.

  2. Seems like common sense: let the trolls be trolls, rather than forcing them out from under the bridges?

  3. The interesting thing to me was how much trolls, when queried on their motivations and goals, sound like radicals in cultural studies. Challenge commonplace assumptions, stir up status quo, expose what people take for granted, wake people up from their slumber, point out hypocrisy, poke the sheep with a stick, throw a light in the cave.

  4. You think that's coincidence?